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Vote on-chain

For the remaining 7497 Explorer NFTs

- X Explorer in your wallet = X votes

- Voting lasts from 15th of November, 6 PM Paris time to the 17th of November, 6 PM Paris time (48h)

- If less than 30% of holders are voting, we make the decision ourselves and pick one of the options proposed below.

Option 1

The arsonists

- 7000 will be burned.

- 497 more minted to be distributed among well-known Medium/Substack writers and through writing contests over the next year.

- Ghost Museum: discover and appreciate the burned Explorers (no possibility to buy).

- Next year we release a female writer collection.


- Reducing the current collection to 3k create scarcity and reward early supporters.

- Brings people from other centralized writing platforms to Sigle (we grow the community).

Option 2

The hodlers

- We keep the 10k Explorers. The 7.5k remaining are released in batches of 2.5k following Sigle and Stacks milestones during the next years.

- Next year we release a female writer collection.


- We save the full collection.

- Less scarcity for speculative purposes but more long-term vision.

- More funding for Sigle / we open the mints as we grow.

... votes

... votes

You need to connect your wallet in order to vote.

... / 2503 votes

Learn more about the decision making for the vote on-chain here

Thank you for your cooperation